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What clients are saying...


"We were paralyzed by the overwhelming task of tackling the last 15 to 20 boxes after the move. We had left the financial and personal paperwork and a lifetime of family photos for the end. Sandra had a perfect balance of persistence, tempered with cheerful adventure. We are so grateful."


"I didn't think I could afford a Professional Organizer. Sandra offered me a discount package with pre-paid hours. Over the next few months we worked together to reclaim my bedroom, closets, dining room table and home office. Thank you Sandra for making this new way of living, possible for me."


"Thank you for helping us to see we needed to repurpose our son's former bedroom into a home office! We moved furniture, bought filing cabinets, shredded paper, re-organized files, etc. The office is used every day and I'm thrilled to have the mess out of the master bedroom! Thank you so much!"


"We were making no progress getting mom to downsize her possessions when it came time for her to move to a smaller place. Lots of arguments and hard feelings until we hired Sandra. With a kind heart Sandra helped mom to see that our greatest memories aren't in our possessions. She helped mom make some difficult decisions."


"After mom and dad passed, my siblings and I were lost as to how to tackle the 8 large boxes of photos, preserving our favorite childhood memories, and preserve our relationships with each other in the process. Your help and patience in working with us to purge, organize and digitize the best is so appreciated.

The photo book you designed and had printed for each of us is absolutely breathtaking. These books will live on through the generations. Dad and Mom (especially) would be so pleased."


"I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional service provided by Sandra. When I needed to clear out my sister's estate, Sandra's professionalism, physical and emotional support, expertise, & compassion, were invaluable and surpassed my expectations.

Sandra efficiently guided me through the daunting task, showing great attention to detail. Sandra's communication and punctuality were excellent, ensuring great progress in every session."


"Sandra's help with rightsizing decades of my own possessions, those inherited from my parents, dealing with a storage unit, buffering communications with kin over family furniture, was truly solving the unsolvable for me.


With her focus, expertise, drive, kindness and magical powers she finished far ahead of the schedule I had given myself. I am incredibly grateful for her  bringing me peace of mind at every turn.."


"Sandra, thank you so much for seeing me through my transition - retirement and a big move. Your assistance was beyond anything I imagined. You are a gift and a blessing.


With all the rightsizing, I was able to settle in very quickly and start to meet my new neighbors and launch into my retirement phase. I am so happy to be here with my family. If you are ever in the area, I will look forward to your visit." 


"How can I possibly begin to thank you for all you have done for me this past year. From the beginning of my preparation to move, despite the Covid shutdown and my being called away, you persevered through on your own. Coordinating movers, everything placed into storage, the upgrades to my new home and the unpack, you were invaluable.


Throughout you acted with calm, professionalism and efficiency and I cannot thank you enough."


"Thank you so much for your many hours of expert guidance. You were patient, encouraging and so, so helpful with our home purging and organizing projects. I truly enjoyed working with you and have learned so much.


I continue to hear your voice in the back of my mind when I tackle another space on my own. Thank you! Thank you for sharing your talents with us."

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