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Organizing Homes and Offices

For Peace of Mind helps individuals and businesses organize their lives. Professional Organizer, Sandra Wheeler, has sorted, shifted, folded, stored, shredded and donated almost every household or office item imaginable. She works with a compassionate heart and a desire to transform lives by creating more peaceful and organized homes and offices.


From attics, basements, closets and garages to paperwork and schedules, Sandra works with her clients to sift through the chaos, clean up and clear out, creating fresh, healthy, balanced surroundings. Reduce your stress by making life easier and more efficient For Peace of Mind.


Most of her clients reside in Connecticut, but Sandra has helped clients from Boston to Seattle. Her very satisfied clientele have made For Peace of Mind one of the highest sought-after Professional Organizer in the area!


Do not put off organizing your space and your life any longer. Contact Sandra today for an initial consultation!

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