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(860) 608-0451

Client Testimonials

For Peace of Mind was key to my successful relocation. The big purge, yard sale and moving day details were all taken care of by Sandra so I could focus on my new job and life in Texas. She was so effective that I may fly her south when I move again. Thank you!” - Christopher

"We were paralyzed by the overwhelming task of tackling the last 15 to 20 boxes after the move. We had left the financial and personal paperwork and a lifetime of family photos for the end. Sandra had a perfect balance of persistence, tempered with cheerful adventure. We are so grateful." - Kimber

"I didn't think I could afford a Professional Organizer. Sandra offered me a discount package with pre-paid hours. Over the next few months we worked together to reclaim my bedroom, closets, dining room table and home office. Thank you Sandra for making this new way of living, possible for me." - Elizabeth   

"Thank you for helping us to see we needed to repurpose our son's former bedroom into a home office! We moved furniture, bought filing cabinets, shredded paper, re-organized files, etc. The office is used every day and I'm thrilled to have the mess out of the master bedroom! Thank you so much!" -Meryl
"Sandra, you have helped me to let go and lighten up in so many ways. My initial call was to help with my husband's belongings after he passed. You were gentle and compassionate. We grew to become close friends. I am forever grateful to have you in my life." - Laura

"We were making no progress getting mom to downsize her possessions when it came time for her to move to a smaller place. Lots of arguments and hard feelings until we hired Sandra. With a kind heart Sandra helped mom to see that our greatest memories aren't in our possessions. She helped mom make some difficult decisions." - David

"Thank you so much for your many hours of expert guidance. You were patient, encouraging and so, so helpful with our home purging and organizing projects. I truly enjoyed working with you and have learned so much. I continue to hear your voice in the back of my mind when I tackle another space on my own. Thank you! Thank you for sharing your talents with us." - Cheryl 

For Peace of Mind achieved ELITE status at Home Advisor.