(860) 608-0451

(860) 608-0451

Professional Organizer, Sandra Wheeler, has been invited to speak by the 

  • Association of Hypnotists
  • Berkshire Hathaway Realtors
  • Eastern Connecticut's Premier Home Show
  • Eastern CT Chamber of Commerce
  • Kiwanis Club of New London
  • Shutters & Sales Real Estate Co 
  • WHPX TV-Hartford/New Haven
  • and many libraries around the region. 

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Popular topics

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"Clearing Clutter"

"Get Organized! Why Bother?"

"Feng Shui Basics"

"Honoring your Memories: Organizing your Memorabilia"

"Organizing a Less Hectic Holiday Season"

"Organize Your Home"

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"Managing your Paper"

"Reduce your Stress: Get Organized"

"Rightsizing for Right Now"

"Spring Clearing" 

"Ten Key Steps to Getting Organized"

"The Cost of Clutter"

Audience Feedback

Attention-grabbing. Not boring.

Great, useful suggestions.

Very pleasant & entertaining.

Knows her stuff!

New ideas. New perspective.

Down-to-earth speaker.

Fun and humorous stories.

Shared great examples from her organizing clients.

Very funny! Enjoyed this one.

Will always attend when Sandra is on the agenda.

Organizing with ADD

Sandra was interviewed by Deb Burdick "The Brain Lady" regarding organizing for individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder. The interview is part of Deb's book and CD set entitled "A Holistic Approach to Successful Children with ADD/HD. A Home Study System for Parents".