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Organizing Tips

Collect Moments, Not Things

Posted on July 15, 2016 at 7:00 AM

Consider the items you have in your life. When did plenty spill over into just too much? Some real examples working with clients:

  • 96 pairs of yoga pants
  • 44 pairs of scissors
  • 32 pairs of sneakers
  • 23 Vera Bradley bags
  • 6 sets of china
  • extra luggage, lamps and chairs, etc. 

You get the picture. All that we possess requires our attention, care, time, and money. Why hold onto more than enough?

You can choose to spend your life buying, collecting and tending to stuff. Or, you can live life collecting memories - share a sandwich and a long afternoon with a friend, chat over a jigsaw puzzle with mom, hike with the dogs, sit on the lawn at a local music festival, take an afternoon swim in the Sound, enjoy an evening bonfire and marshmallows listening to the crickets.

Your Life! Your Choices!

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