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Organizing Tips

Five Biggest 'BUTS'

Posted on February 15, 2015 at 7:00 AM

#1 Client: i haven't used that (worn it) in years, BUT I might now. 

Response: If you are fearful of parting with something, think about it this way - items that no longer suit you are taking up space and preventing you from experiencing what is exactly right for you now. If you still feel fear, practice parting with things temporarily. Put no longer used items in a box, label it with a date several months out and put it in the garage. If you haven't pulled anything out by the deadline, donate the whole box. Chances are, you will feel empowered.  Let go of what no longer serves you, so you might enjoy what has been waiting for you. 

#2 Client: BUT, it is a memory.

Response: Be selectively sentimental. If you keep everything, your precious memories will be lost among the clutter. Find a pretty treasure box and keep a few items. Choose a bookshelf and intermingle treasures with books so you see them often and smile. For larger items, consider taking a photo and giving the item to someone who will use it. Or, repurpose items like making a quilt from all of your marathon t-shirts or turning an older armoire into a potting shed.

#3 Client: BUT, I am going to fix that one day.

Response: First, do you have the ability / tools / pieces / time to fix this item? If so, you probably would have done it already. If not, can you afford to have someone else fix it? If so, who? Is it worth it? If you are still determined to fix it yourself, schedule a deadline on your calendar and start to gather what you will need to accomplish this once and for all.

#4 Client: BUT, it was a gift. 

Response: We've already established that you don't use it and don't even necessarily like it, "but it was a gift". Items you don't love and use, drag your spirits down every time you see them. Donate the item, let go of any guilt and let someone else find this treasure for themself. If these 'gifts'are hand-me-down offerings from your family or friends, be more straightforward next time they offer you their things. Simply say "Thank you, I already have plenty of my own stuff."  

#5 Client: BUT, I haven't read it yet.

Response: No one has time to read everything. Sorry! Decide what is worthy of your limited precious time! Junk mail can go straight from the mailbox into the recycle bin or shredder. When a new magazine, catalog or newspaper arrives, recycle the old one whether you have looked through it or not. Consider stopping some catalogs and magazines completely by going on www.catalogchoice.org. Most information is available online today. 

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