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Organizing Tips

Home Organizing - The Basics

Posted on January 15, 2015 at 7:00 AM

  • Keep a bin labeled "ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD" so every member of the household knows where to put items they are ready to let go. 
  • Assign specific 'zones' to all of the areas of your home - cupboards, closets, shelves and drawers. Have zones for sporting equipment, games and puzzles, office supplies, archive paper records, seasonal decor, batteries, etc. Label them for a week or two until everyone gets used to the new locations.  
  • Prioritize storage areas by placing often-used items in the most convenient locations. Infrequently used items can be placed in less accessible spots, such as top shelves, rear corners of closets, attic or basement. 
  • Group your like items together. Keep all holiday and seasonal decorations together in the basement, all sports equipment in one corner of the garage, and all tools at the workbench. 
  • Hold a family 'clear out' day twice a year where you declutter, reorganize, and sell, giveaway or donate unneeded items.
  • Hide what is unattractive either behind closed doors or inside something else.
  • Idenitfy and label all storage boxes and bins for ease in relocating.
  • Anticipate future storage needs (for files, photographs, books, etc.) by allowing some empty spaces. 

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