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If Not Now, When?

Posted on January 15, 2016 at 7:00 AM

If you made New Year's resolutions, were any of them carried over from last January? Do you have wishes that you just keep wishing? "I crave to be healthier! I aspire to be more organized! I wish for financial security!" How long have these been on your mind or your TO DO list? It can be exhausting to drag them around with you.

You will recognize these words from my other writings - STOP, think and plan. We must spend focused attention on each resolution, wish or TO DO. One at a time, sit quietly and ask yourself whether this came from inside you or from the outside. Was it your idea or is it a SHOULD that came from outside - your mother, your partner or the media?

If you discover it is not important to you after all, hit delete, scratch it off the list and let it go.

If you discover it is important but not a pirority now, make a note in your claendar or planner for a reasonable time in the future and let it go for now. 

You might discover it is important to you; it consistently pops up on your list or in your thoughts. It makes you crazy to think about how long you have been wishing you 'could' or 'would' (fill in the blank). Then it is time for a little action. If not now, when?

Time to get clear about WHY - what difference is it going to make; the satisfaction you will feel upon completion. Then get clear about WHAT - picture what this looks like when it is complete; the impact it will have on you/your family/your days.

Only after you have taken the time to think about these will you have the motivation necessary to take action. Then it is simply the first baby step, which could be: 

  • make a call
  • do research
  • clear your desk and leave a note front and center

Refuse to think about the whole project. Just take that first baby step. When that is done, on to the next baby step. Why not take that step right now? If not now, when?


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