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Household Station

Posted on February 15, 2016 at 7:00 AM

You are getting ready for work, grab a blouse and put it on. “Oh, right! That missing button.” You return the blouse to the hanger, or worse, throw it on the floor where it gets swept into the laundry only to return to your closet a week later.

Rummaging through the kitchen drawer you pull out that power cord; still a mystery as to what it belongs to. But you find what you opened the drawer for and shove the cord back inside.

You ask your kids to clean up the toy room. They do their best, but there is simply not enough room for the older toys and the new ones that come in every year on birthdays and holidays.

Every household needs a station - “a stop on route”. All household members need to know where the station is and how to use it.

One bin is marked ‘action’. This is where the blouse goes until you have time to check your button supply or go shopping at Joann Fabrics. The figurine and broken piece go here until someone has time to glue them back together. The cleats that don't belong to your child go here until the rightful owner calls to ask if they were left behind. 

One bin is marked ‘donate’. This is for the toys that Johnny no longer plays with, the baseball mitt Sarah used one season, the clothes that no longer fit Henry and the seasonal décor that is no longer displayed.



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